Packaging Items

1. Boxes
2. Tape and Labels
3. Foam, bubble, wrap, newspaper or towels (anything that will help protect your items).

Maximum Strength Boxes

4. Tape the bottom of your boxes with three strips of tape. One strip down the middle holding the two flaps together and one strip on either side of the strip in the middle.

5. Repeat Step 4 (up to three times)

Do Not Overpack

6. Do not place all your books or heavy items in one box. Evenly distribute them so that the box will be less likely to break down.

7. Place heavier items on the bottom, then medium to light weight items.

8. Make sure that boxes are packed so that there is little spacing between objects. Use foam, bubble wrap, newspapers, towels, etc to fill in and protect your items.

9. *DO NOT put more than 50lbs in a single box! Putting more than 50lbs in a box will make the box break down over time.

Label ALL Items

10. It's ALWAYS a good idea to place a contact sheet (include your name, phone number, and email) inside the box before you tape it closed.

Remember to write FRAGILE on boxes that require EXTRA special care.

12. All boxes & miscellaneous items need to have a Campus Pack-N-Store label.

Things to Remember

13. Futons should be collapsed if possible.

14. Refrigerators MUST be unplugged and defrosted three (3) days prior to pick up. All items must be removed from refrigerator.

15. Proper packing leads to less problems for everyone!!!