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1. When will I be billed for the service?
      You will be billed the day of your scheduled pick up.

2. What forms of payment do you accept?
      We accept cash, credit, and money orders made out to Campus Pack-N-Store, LLC.
Unfortunately we are unable to accept personal checks at this time.

3. How much will it cost?
      Our price of $60/month includes Five (5) Campus Pack-N-Store boxes. All other items are a one time fee. For more information on the pricing of the other items, please click the "Pricing" link on the menu bar.

4. Is there a minimum number of months?
      Yes, there is a three (3) month minimum on storage, and five (5) month maximum.

What if I live off campus or am going to live off campus?
problem. Campus Pack-N-Store, LLC can accomodate if you live off campus or if you are going to live off campus the following semester. Pick ups and/or drop offs occuring outside the 5-mile radius of the College or University will be charged a nonrefundable rate of $5.00 dollars per mile traveled outside the 5-mile radius. We can work out a way to pick up/deliver your items to your school and you can pick it up from there to avoid any additional fees.

What if I need to pick up my stuff early?
      We understand that things happen, and changes need to be made, please give us at least two (2) weeks notice if you need your items early.

7. What if I can not be there when you pick up my stuff?
      If you can not be there at the time of your scheduled pick up, you may have a friend or roomate to sign for you. That person will be responsible for paying the bill and signing the release of your items. A drivers liscense or identification card will be needed to verify the name given to us by you.

8. Is there anything I can not store?
      Yes, there are a few items that we can NOT store. These items include: cash, jewelry, any type of liquid, hazadorous materials or chemicals, perishables (food, etc), firearms, or mirrors. We recommend not storing anything of value.

9. When will you deliver packing materials?
      Boxes and materials will be delivered to your door approximately 2 days prior to your scheduled pick up. There is a $25 nonrefundable deposit when boxes are delivered. The $25 dollars will then be deducted from the amount you owe when we pick up your items.  

10. How do I schedule a pick up time?
      When you sign up, by phone or online, you tell us the date and time that works best for your schedule. We can not guarantee that your date and time is available, however we will work with you as best as we can to set up a date and time that is convenient for you.

Items may be picked up between the following dates:
Days: Friday, April 30th through Sunday, May 9th 
Times: 8am-8pm
*Special accomodations can be made upon request. A $25.00 nonrefundable fee may be associated.

Can I change my pick up time or delivery date?
      Please contact us 24hrs (by phone) in advance if your pick up time or delivery date needs to be changed. We can not guarantee that the date and time you wish to reschedule to will be available, but we will work as best as we can for a time that is right for you.

12. When will my items be delivered?
       You will be contacted by a Campus Pack-N-Store Team Member the first week in August to schedule the delivery of your items. If you know before then when you will be returning you may contact us, by phone or email and schedule your date and time.

Items may be delivered between the following dates:
Days:   Friday, August 20th  through Sunday August 29th
Times: 8am-8pm
*Special accomodations can be made upon request. A $25.00 nonrefundable fee may be associated

13. Are my items insured?